The components of the GreenLine® Gutter System are made from the highest quality “GreenCoat® RWS” steel, which is manufactured by the Swedish Steel SSAB.
It is covered from both sides with a strong 35 micron layer of paint, and long-term anti-corrosive resistance is ensured by the 0.6mm thick steel core, plated on both sides with a layer of zinc (275g/m²). The optimum thickness of paint coating ensures good resistance to wear and weather effects, and it also means smart use of natural resources.

This coating is resistant to the aggressive chemical elements that are dissolved in the rain water, and to air pollution. Because of these features, GreenLine® provides excellent protection against corrosion, and serves several times longer than other gutter systems. Painted GreenLine® “GreenCoat® RWS” steel is in line with the European standard EN10169+A1.

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